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Date: Summer 1972 5AM
Location: Mequon-Cedarburg
County: Ozaukee

Source: UFO Wisconsin Report - Witness Requested to Remain Anonymous

Details of Incident:

I am filing this report on behalf of my mother who saw this "sun-like" object in the sky about Summer, 1972, as she was driving home from work about dawn. She was a newspaper reporter/editor for years but at the time of the sighting she was working as a keypunch operator on the overnight shift. My mother is a reputable person in the community and not prone to making up stories for attention. In fact, she only told her family about her experience that early morning for fear of being ridiculed. I think for years she thought maybe she had just imagined this.

As I mentioned before, my mother saw this object hovering ahead of her vehicle as she drove north on Wauwatosa Road, just north of the Northridge shopping center. It just sort of "appeared." The time was about 5 a.m. just as it was becoming light. As she drove north to Cedarburg, a distance of about 10 miles, the object stayed at "treetop level" and just ahead of her car. She stated that she thought perhaps she was just tired and needed to get home as quickly as possible. The object was very bright and stayed right with the car as she wound her way through the tree-lined streets of Cedarburg to our home. The bright object made "no noise whatsoever." This trip probably took her about 15 to 20 minutes tops going about 50 mph in the country and 25 mph in the city. When she got to our house and pulled into the driveway, she could see the object just north and west of our house, hovering over a neighbor's house about 1000 feet away. Visibility was good--she said it was a "nice day." She went into our house and stared out the windows at the object for some time before going to bed. She doesn't recall feeling scared or "losing time," just that she was tired and needed to go to bed. It didn't occur to her at the time to awaken anyone else so they could witness the object. She did go into my brothers' room on the western side of the house to watch the object but finally left the window and went to bed. She doesn't know how long she stood and watched it.

When I asked her about this tonight, she said she didn't remember seeing anything particular about the shape of the object, just that it was a large "orb" or circle which hovered close to the treetops and then about 100 feet above the neighbor's house. She didn't remember seeing anything like windows on the craft either. She thought it was bright white and doesn't recall any colors. As a child I remember her saying that it was as if they were looking at her and she was looking at them.

I read a report on this site regarding a woman and her young daughter who saw something strange while in their car in this very same vicinity in 1978. I was careful to ask my mother details of her sighting first before I read her what the other woman had to report. My mother said that sighting and her sighting are very similar, especially that the object didn't follow her but hovered ahead of her, as if it knew the way she was going.

Incidentally, this is the only sighting my mother has ever had...but it's made me a believer since I was a small child!


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