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Date: 1984
Location: Racine
County: Racine County, Wisconsin

Source: UFOwisconsin.com report by Name With Held

Details of Incident:


I was about 14 years old when I first witnessed a UFO, my friend I were walking back to my house when we spotted a bright light in the sky, not knowing what star it was we started making names for it. All at once the star shot straight up, we thought it was a helicopter but there was no noise. As we continued to walk down the road we noticed the light was getting closer to us and all of a sudden it appeared to turn and tree lights came on (in a triangle shape) we started laughing and waving our hands (I don’t know why) but than it started moving closer to us as if it was checking us out. We estimated that it was about 200 feet from us. For the next few days we would see it in the same place at around the same time and watched it disappear into the night.

I don’t know if it was a certified UFO but to us, it was an unidentified flying object.


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