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Date: January 15, 1987
Location: Belleville
County: Dane

Source: New Glarus, WI Post, January 21, 1987

Details of Incident:


UFO sited in area by Belleville policeman

Were we visited by a mysterious spacecraft last Thursday night?

Glen Kazmar, a Belleville police officer, thinks so. He says he and his ride-along companion, Jeff Furseth of Belleville, spent approximately half an hour late that night observing a tight cluster of flashing or blinking lights that remained motionless in the sky southwest of Belleville.

That was actually the second siting of the object for Kazmar, he said - the first came about 8 or 8:30 p.m. Thursday evening in the same part of the sky. "I kind of disregarded it at the time," he says, "because I knew it's a plane route. Later, I thought, 'It's not moving.' "

The second siting began about 2:50 a.m. Friday morning - a "clear night" - Kazmar recalls. This time, he and Furseth, a neighbor of Kazmar's, drove west on Hwy. 69 and then up Quarry Road, to the highest area vantage point they could find.

From there, the two men watched what Kazmar describes as a "close-knit cluster of red, blue and white lights" for about 15 minutes before Kazmar went to phone in the siting to the Dane County Sheriff Department dispatcher to find out whether anyone else had reported the object.

He returned after a few minutes and continued watching the object for a while before it slowly moved off in the opposite direction from them.

Where and how far away did the craft seem to be? "That's the hardest thing, the location," Kazmar responds. He estimated, by using two maps, that it was somewhere in the Monticello vicinity the entire time.

"We lined it up with a telephone pole, and it didn't move whatsoever," he says. It was still in the same place after his phone call, he adds.

"It's very hard to determine height," Kazmar continues. "It was very high."

No sound was perceptible from their location, Kazmar says, although he shut off his squad car to be able to hear it if there was any.

After calling in the report, Kazmar says Chicago's O'Hare Airport may have picked up the object on radar. "(Madison's) airport was closed," he explains. "Chicago said they were tracking a slowly moving object but could not do any voice contact."

However, because the Dane County dispatcher did not copy down the coordinates given by O'Hare, Kazmar can't be certain it was the same object,although he thinks it very likely.

Eventually, a Dane County sheriff deputy from Verona who saw the same sight came up the hill and joined Kazmar and Furseth. A Green County sheriff deputy did the same. He was the only one of the four to label the object anything other than a spacecraft of some kind - he thinks it was a nova, or exploding star, Kazmar says. (Funk and Wagnall's Standard Dictionary defines a nova as "A star that suddenly brightens and then dims after a period of a few months or years." That definition makes it seem unlikely that the object can be called a nova.)

Furseth and Kazmar both reacted the same way, Kazmar says, they were "awe-struck."

Furseth says he thought the most likely explanation, as he was watching, was that it was a weather balloon. But the National Weather Service, which he called the next day, said a weather balloon would not have lights.

Is Kazmar, in general, a believer in UFOs? "I keep an open mind on stuff like that," he answers. "There's been so many sightings." Furseth expressed the same thought.

Since the incident, is Kazmar more prone to scanning the night sky? "I went out the next night," he says with a laugh, but there was no repeat performance.

Kazmar says he would be interested to hear from anyone else who might have spotted the same object last Thursday night.

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Source: Green Bay, WI News-Chronicle, January 28, 1987

UFO center investigates sitings in Dane County

The National Center for UFO Studies has begun an investigation into a Belleville patrol officer's report of sighting an unusual series of lights Jan. 15, a center spokeswoman confirmed Tuesday.

Officer Glen Kazmar reported seeing a line of bright red, blue and white lights, with the blue light in the middle shining brighter than the others, at 8:30 p.m. and then again shortly before 3 a.m., said Police Chief Jack Pace.

The sighting occurred just west of the city limits in a rural area near the Dane-Green County line, he said.

"Officer Kazmar is not an idiot, like some of the people calling him now are implying. As a police officer, I see unusual things around - lights and things - all the time that can't be explained. He had his neighbor participating in a ride-along program with him at the time and the sighting was confirmed," Pace said.

A spokeswoman for the Center for UFO Studies in Glenview, Ill., said Kazmar and his neighbor, Jeff Furseth, would meet with center investigators Tuesday.

Don Schmitt, a center investigator from Milwaukee, is coordinating the investigation.

"Officer Kazmar's sighting was confirmed by a report from Middleton, a sighting by Green and Dane county officers. Something was there. We are particularly interested that the Belleville dispatcher called the Aurora (Ill.) Federal Aviation Administration and they confirmed there was a target or object, there at the time," Schmitt said.

"The operator said the target had no transponder - a device that emits a radar beam to enable the tower to track. Now that is not unusual because some of the smaller commercial aircraft do not have them," Schmitt said.

He said he is also looking into a report by a Monticello woman that she saw a fire in the same area as the lights, but no fire site was ever discovered.

"What we'll do is take all the reports and try to coordinate some kind of exact area where the lights were seen. The problem with nocturnal light sightings is that there is no perspective, so it is hard to tell a height or size," he said.

Kazmar did report seeing a telephone pole near the lights and he did describe the proximity of the lights, Schmitt said.

Schmitt said he is reviewing about 11 reports of unusual objects or lights in Wisconsin, most of which came from Kenosha and Waukesha counties.

"The next step in the Belleville investigation is to get all of our reports together and then visit the site," Schmitt said.

Source: Belleville, WI Recorder, January 29, 1987

Night-time UFO Sightings Continue In This Area

The casual question, "What's up?" lately has taken on new meaning.

Some of the things that people around here have reportedly been spotting in the sky at night lately have been positively out of this world. Or so it would seem.

Reports of extraordinary looking spacecrafts continued to be made during the past week, partially in response to last week's news of the UFO sighting by several law enforcement officers near Belleville.

The most unusual recent sighting reported came from Larry Jelle, a New Glarus man, and apparently occurred the same night that Belleville policeman Glen Kazmar saw odd-looking lights southeast of Belleville. And, although it may have been just a blimp, that explanation is hard to (word missing...)

Jelle, who works a night job in Madison, says he saw something cigar or blimp-shaped at 1:30 a.m. on Jan. 16, the same night Kazmar watched a strange, flashing object hovering in the night sky. The craft, Jelle says, slowly cruised over New Glarus at a very low altitude, going northwest.

"It was like a Goodyear blimp, it was really low and going slow," about helicopter speed, Jelle says. It first appeared directly in front of him as he approached the New Glarus village limits from the north on Highway 69.

"I didn't think much of it," Jelle continues, "but then I heard (about the Kazmar sighting) the next day on the radio."

"It was like a big cigar. It was about as long as a DC-10 or longer, but it had no wings." Its only lights, Jelle says, were one red on both the front and rear of the craft.

Was Jelle's sighting really a blimp? The Dane County Airport cannot say, because they "don't keep track" of blimps coming through the area.

However, the possibility of Jelle's having sighted a blimp can be almost totally ruled out. Dick Sailer, manager of airship relations for Goodyear, which owns a good share of the blimps in the U.S., says, "There's no chance whatsoever that craft was a Goodyear blimp."

Furthermore, Sailer says, "I can't imagine anyone operating a blimp in your area in January in good conscience, they're extremely susceptible to snow and ice," and blimps tend to go south or stay in hangers during winter. "I've pretty well got a track on most of the other ships," he adds.

Majorie Kriz, acting public affairs officer with the Federal Aviation Administration's Des Plaines regional office, had more to say about blimps. A Goodyear blimp pilot once told him, Kriz says, that blimps do not fly at night, except for advertising purposes. If they have somewhere to go, he says, blimps fly there during daytime hours.

Furthermore, Kriz explains, "They're supposed to be flying at least 1,000 feet over any populated area." Jelle's object seems to have violated this rule.

And finally, Kriz says a blimp's pattern of lights would include one red on one side and one green on the other.

The other sighting of an unusual spacecraft occurred just last Friday at about 6 a.m. in the Jordan Center area, between Argyle and Monroe. A 26-year-old woman on her way to work in Monroe reported having seen something which sounds very much like what Kazmar described.

The woman, who does not want her name used here, says that about two miles before Jordan Center on Hwy. 81 she "saw some lights" almost straight ahead of her in the still-dark sky. There were "three lights, all flashing," in a horizontal pattern, white next to blue next to red.

"At first it was in the same spot, it wasn't a plane," she recalls. "Then it went straight up and then veered to the right a bit." She says she was able to observe the object through her car's sunroof as she passed underneath it.

Then, when she reached the top of a long hill at Jordan Center, she looked back and saw the craft one last time.

The woman declined to judge the height of the object but said "it seemed pretty high." It was her first and only UFO sighting, she adds.

Finally, Kazmar, who has received "numerous" calls since the publicity about his sighting began, says at least one person claims to have seen something similar to what he saw. The caller, a farmer somewhere near Mount Vernon, told Kazmar he saw "an object with numerous lights, but not red and white," around the same time Kazmar saw his. The farmer told him it was a large object, Kazmar says.

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