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Date: October 15, 1998 22:35
Location: Port Washington
County: Ozaukee

Source: National UFO Reporting Center & UFOwisconsin.com report by Name With Held

Details of Incident:


Craft a cross between Triangle/Chevron/Arrowhead/Diamond; clear, starry night; witnessed what I believe to be: quiet, low humming craft with 2 bright banks of lights, approximately 500-1000ft above ground, seemingly about.

I did not report this experience before, because I did not think anyone except my spouse would believe me. I am a pragmatist, based in our known realities of scientifically proven facts, but what I saw was most tangibly real...even my dog stopped and looked up at this item. I decided to report this today after reading about the police in southern Illinois who gave descriptions very similar to my own. At age 47, on or about the 15th of October, 1998, (may have been 10/10-10/27), I took our Cairn Terrier outside for her last "potty break" between 10:31 and 10:37 pm. My spouse had gone to bed just minutes earlier. It was a very mild, clear, star-filled evening. As I stood looking at the beauty of the stars, facing a slight northwesterly direction, an enormous flying craft appeared--almost as if it had been 'Star Wars-like uncloaked'. I was immediately struck by it's seeming closeness to the earth, it's relative silence, and it's almost COMICAL display of two huge single-row banks of lights on either side of it's triangularish front---it looked almost exactly like the row of lights on police cars in these colors: red, clear and blue. My next thought was: "well, if this is a secret USA project, they sure want to be seen!". It was close enough for me to wonder if those inside would wave at me. As this object approached, I choose to stay and watch what would probably be a once-in-a-lifetime experience instead of getting a witness. As this seemingly slow and quiet craft approached our property, I tried to gauge it based upon a 40-50 ft. tall pine tree in the next yard. My mind was trying to move fast to get a size estimate. With it's unusual shape, it was difficult. Nor do I possess the advanced physics/mathematical skills to measure items based upon horizon/angle, etc. To me: this item was rather symmetrical, i.e., width from widest point-to-widest-point appeared to be 150-200 feet; front-to-rear, perhaps 200-250 ft, based upon it's distance from the pine tree's top and width of view it took up in my line of vision. Our city block is approximately 250 feet long, and each lot facing our street is 150 feet deep. I believe this object, if on the ground, would have just about filled the property space of one-half of our entire block--perhaps more. I remember wondering why anything so huge would risk flying this low so near to 4 electric company smoke stacks located on the waterfront of our city. Description: first impression: a triangle. When I was directly underneath it, my next impression was: pentagon with a flair; my last impression: pentagon with enough of a flair to be considered an arrowhead. Rear of craft as it was flying SE, away from me over Lake Michigan: flat rear/slight sides to main body, just like the back end of an arrowhead. Other descriptive items: as it passed over me, I thought I detected some type of circles on the bottom of the craft; the bottom of the craft was the darkest part of my visual experience. As the craft first came toward me, I was fascinated by the banks of lights--what appeared to be rather halogenic red/clear/blue....but then I noticed that there was a beacon light on the top of the poprotrudingcabin". This craft DEFINITELY had a curved cabin with either windows or perhaps black reflective surfaces. However, this cabin was NOT sharp-angled like the stealth bomber type. This cabin seemed proportionate to the rest of the object, i.e., it was not a small bump in the middle of a disk. This craft was not a "thick" craft...at least it did not appear so to me from the front/bottom/rear views I had of it as it almost silently cruised toward/over/away from me. Behavior of Craft: seemingly "slow cruising"; it did a flat bank from it's more southerly direction of travel to a southeasterly direction and it did this RIGHT over my head, i.e.,our street runs perpendicular to lake michigan on a slight NE/SW angle, so when I was watching this craft go directly away from me after it passed overhead, it had to be traveling in a slight southeasterly direction over Lake Michigan (I believe a straight-line shot across Lake Michigan would have placed it in Indiana/Ohio eventually?--it did the bank directly over my head; at no time did this object exude any type of exhaust/exhaust noise--only a low humming. We experience many helicopters flying overhead here. If one takes a typical Flight-For-Life type helicopter on a scale of 1 to 10 for noise, with the helicopter's noise being a "10", then this craft, many times the helicopter's size, was barely a "1 to 2" in noise level. At one point, it felt as though I could almost reach out and touch, it! seemed so close to me. Other Characteristics: Nothing struck me as it being "out of this world weird" except it's enormous size and quiet functioning, and two bizarre banks of "cop car gumball" lights. This object seemed to have a dull body surface in a darker color, i.e., it was not silver/white/red/blue/green/purple/orange, etc. It was, perhaps gray/brown/black.

See additionally updated information on the sighting below images.

Original illustration done by witness's husband.  Submitted by witness.


Original artist rendering created by witness's husband.  Submitted by witness.  (note; the witness included that the craft was black not silver.)



*UPDATE: May 18, 2004

...I'd like to change one thing about what I had written in 2000 when I finally came forward:  After I had turned in the initial report to ----- ----- at the NIDS, I had a chance to think some more, and I now believe this craft was no more than 100-200 feet at most off of the ground, i.e., nowhere near 500 to 1000 ft.  (Right across the street there are electric towers that must be 70-80 ft. high, so it had to be higher than that).  That being the case, the craft may have been smaller than I originally thought--but who knows.  I also have another correction:  I was leaning on a fence, gazing in a slight northeasterly direction, NOT northwesterly.  On a straight-line shot, as the crow flies, that craft went right over an area just to the west of the well-known city landmark, St. Mary's Church on the hill, and straight to our property where it banked to the southeast.  One thing I never told anyone, either, was this: I raced to the front yard when I saw it starting to bank, looked up at the cabin and began shouting and waving and jumping up and down....I really wanted someone/something to respond.  Another thing I never told anyone was this: when I first saw that big craft, I almost wet my drawers, got scared, and jumped back into the shadows of the back of our house...I moved at least 10 feet and never even knew it....but almost immediately, I had second thoughts and came back forward...that's when I saw the dog looking up at it, too.  This thing was so phenomenal!

My husband is an artist and he did a drawing of it, based upon my direction...his major mistake was making it silver instead of blackish color...the rest of it is pretty good. ...  *SEE BOTTOM OF REPORT FOR PICTURES


*UPDATE: May 19, 2004

Be aware also that my husband could not show the brilliant strobing of the red, clear and blue lights--he
could only show them as globular buttons in using the designer program he had on his computer...I actually do not know what the light sources looked like at all...this magnificent strobing is what kept me from determining the exact shape of the cabin and the cabin windows, too....it was like those lights from psychedelic strobe lighting at a 1960's teenie bopper dance.
This thing was strobing so magnificent that the whole city should have seen it!

Also: my husband put those circles on the bottom of the craft in a placement not set by me...I just couldn't remember how many circles or in what pattern....I think there were more than 4, though, and may have been different sizes.

Also: what you cannot see is this:  as the craft flew off in the distance...the rear section of "arrowhead" had a luminous red "grill"....it looked like an old 1950's T-bird grill with brilliant red behind hit...like it was their fuel source or something.

I was so sad to see that ship glide away out over Lake Michigan!

Oh, and after that thing flew over our home...I had a bare patch of lawn for several years...totally barren...no plant life, etc.  It took 4 years for that to fill in.  No one from here poured solvents or anything in this area....I even tried to plant a little tree there, but it died, too. Nowadays, with the vole infestations we got from the ------ St. reconstruction in 2001, the lawn's all torn up anyway, but I know where the spot is--it was about 10-12 feet from where I was standing in the back side
yard when incident occurred.  The small circular area finally has some growth again.  This may be totally unrelated to incident, but it sure is odd that this happened, too, right at that time.  I had rabbits out in back and they were not affected by what happened and , of course, neither were the dog or myself.

Another thing you don't have in my report is this:  I came forward in the year 2000 when police in another state reported seeing a craft like mine. You have the latter part but not the year I came forward to tell someone about this.  The whole thing is still so vivid in my mind, it's like yesterday!  Some group should have me hypnotized (if true hypnotism is
possible, I don't know--I'm a real skeptic), and have me describe again, exactly what I saw.


*UPDATE: May 19, 2004

One reason why I changed my initial thoughts on height off of the ground is this:  some friends of mine have those little one-seater helicopter thingies and they were up one day, making a terrible racket and flew over my house....those things were much higher than this craft, that's for sure.  I also then realized how silent that monster craft really was....4 little
one-seater "copters" flying overhead made a huge noise racket.  About the size of the craft:  I still stick with my dimensions, because when this item was right over the pine tree in the backyard, the rest of the craft was partially over our street out in front...so it had to be that big.  Now, in my last email to you, I was wondering if item was smaller because it had to
be not more than 100-200 feet over my head.....but what I meant to say was this: if item actually HIGHER than 100-200 ft., well, then it had to be much LARGER, not SMALLER! Right?

...What I am sure of is this....as it was
banking, it covered our entire property and a street more than 55 ft
wide...that's 200 feet at least.

Another thing:  I found out just a few months ago, that about 3-4 months before I saw this craft, just north of the city of Port Washington, a family had reported a large odd crop circle on their property.

*UPDATE 2006:

For full story on crop circle visit UnexplainedResearch.com


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