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Date: January 28, 2002 3:46
Location: Green Lake
County: Green Lake

Source: UFO Wisconsin Report - witness is anonymous*

Details of Incident:


I first saw a low flying object over Big Green (Green Lake). It seemed somewhat elongated and cylindrical in shape with 4 projections about 4 feet long mounted on the object in a symmetric pattern. The as the object came closer I observed that it seemed to be spinning along its long axis much like a horizontal tornado. It was very slow moving, almost as if it were searching for something. Then a second object approached the first, almost out of nowhere. It sort of just appeared 200 yards to the east of the first object. The second object seemed to be of the same general shape of the first, with one exception. The second object was shorter than the first. The two objects at first seemed as if they were cooperating in the search, if I could make that assumption. Then, the second object suddenly, for lack of a better term, "came about". It seemed to take a more aggressive stance than the first. And then I heard a piercing noise, much like nails on a chalk board. There were multiple flashes of light. The first object seem to begin to loose altitude and came very close to hitting the surface of the lake. Then there was a brilliant flash of light and the first object took a steep climb and was gone. The second object then followed in the same fashion as the first. It was almost as if it were following the first, like it was hunting the first. Then an odd mist covered the waters surface.

*Note: Witness did not fill in contact name or contact information

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