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Date: February 16, 2002 2100
Location: Eau Claire
County: Eau Claire

Source: UFO Wisconsin Report by Jerry

Details of Incident:

On Sat. evening the 16th of Feb at about 9:00PM I was standing outside of my place of work to take a break. I looked to the south and noticed a very bright light in the sky. At first I thought it must be Venus or another planet because it was so bright and bigger than any of the stars that I saw. At that point another worker came outside, and I asked him what he thought it might be. He thought it was an airplane, and I said it could be one coming into the airport, but it was not moving any closer, as I had been watching it for a few minutes. At this point another worker came out, and we asked him what he thought it was. He said it could have been a helicopter because it started to move straight up, but there was no noise. It was hard to judge the distance away from us. The light looked circular, and it had two lights that flashed red on either side of it. As it started moving closer, I thought it was an airplane headed to the airport, and what I was seeing, was its landing light. At that point the object changed its shape from a circle to a triangle shape. The flashing red lights were on either side of the points at the base of the triangle, and they were flashing in unison. Than the triangle started to rotate right, and it seemed to divide in half and become two separate pieces. At about a 45degree angle it came back together, and reformed into a wedge shape that resembled an F16 shape with swept wing. The red lights were at the tips of the wing. At this point I realized that this was not the whole object. You could see a darker black, surround the bright light. It was blacker than the night sky. It was ringed by faint flashing white lights that gave it it's shape which was very large, maybe two times as big as a commercial airliner. This object was seen in the south sky when I first observed it. It moved towards us heading north, and as it approached it stopped, rotated clockwise ninety degrees and headed west southwest. This episode lasted about five minutes. I can say that with some certainty, because that is about how long it takes to smoke a cigarette. This craft, whatever it was, did not display normal flying characteristics that I have seen. This thing seemed to float across the sky. Sat. the 16th 2002 was cool, calm wind, crystal clear sky.

Updated 2/27/02:

Though correspondence with the witness, the Director of UFO Wisconsin has obtained some additional Information to the above sighting.

The witness stated “and it seemed to divide in half and become two separate pieces. At about a 45 degree angle it came back together, and reformed into a wedge shape the resembled an f-16 shape with swept wings.”



The witness was asked:

Can you give me more details on this description?
How far apart did the object separate and how far did it travel while separated?
I’m not sure if I understand the 45 degree angle aspect of it, could you further explain that?

The witness provided the following information:

Think of it this way. The light appeared as a circle at first, as it moved towards us. As it got closer it changed it's shape into a triangle. Think in one dimension. As it continued to get closer, it was hard to tell the distance away from us. Maybe a mile. Maybe more? The object rotated clockwise till the top point of the triangle was at 45 degrees or between 1or 2 o clock. It continued moving closer very slowly. At that point the triangle shape split apart from the top point through the middle of the base of the triangle. Use your thumbs and fingers to form a triangle and extend your arms. Rotate the triangle 45 degrees, split your fingers apart about 2 inches. That's what it looked like. Than it started to move west and rotated to 90 degrees or 3 o clock. By the time it got to 3 o clock it had joined back together. I am sending this attachment. It is a sketch as close as I can draw what the object looked like.


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