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Date: June 21, 2002 7:00
Location: New Berlin
County: Waukesha

Source: Wisconsin UFO Sighting Report by John K.

Details of Incident:


I was driving West on Beloit road, just west of Highway 100 with my sleeping kids in the back seat and to my left (south) I spotted something moving very rapidly, headed in the same direction as me. The sky was clear and still dusky so I would have seen the outline of a plane if it was one. I do not believe it was a plane. It was peanut-shaped because it consisted of two very bright light sources on either end, one violet and one green that seemed to blend together in a thinner middle section. It size, at arm's length, was about the thickness of my thumb.

It was flying, from what I can guess, about one fist at arm's length above the tree line to my left. Low enough so that if it were a plane I would have been able to hear it. I would have to guess it was about 6 blocks distant. I did pull over immediately and there were no other ambient noises capable of drowning out an airplane's sound. If it was a plane, it would have been high enough to have that appearance of moving fairly slowly through the air, but this thing was *hauling* a$$. Then, suddenly, the lights went out.

I only mentioned this to my wife and brother at the time. I recently stumbled across this website and I thought I'd let other people know what I saw. I believe that there's intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, but I'm skeptical that anything could travel the distances required to get here from other solar systems, let alone galaxies.

Whatever I saw that evening was not man-made. I'm sure of it. But was it an alien craft? Probably not.

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