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Date: September 15, 2002 1:16-1:30PM
Location: Milwaukee
County: Milwaukee

Source: UFO Database

Details of Incident:


Is there an Air Force or other military base relatively close to where the sighting occurred within a 10-mile radius ? Yes

Is there a fairly busy airport nearby (either small to mid-size regional or large commercial airport) within 10-mile radius ? Yes

Date of sighting: 15 - September - 2002

Time of sighting: 1:16 to 1:30 - PM

Exact location: Aircraft viewing area at approx.. intersection of Layton ave and Pine Ave. Looking South East from parking lot.

Estimated distance from vantage point to the object(s): Approx. one mile

How many UFO: 1

Direction of craft(s): Object was not seen until a review of a digital video tape revealed an object coming from the southeast then making a sharp turn to the west at a decline of approx. 30 degrees to an apparent landing just south of college ave in approach field.

Motion:: The object captured in the video traveled from east to a west decline at 30 degrees in less than one second. Frame appears as a sort of streak in one video frame. But when the frame is still framed 4 distinct views occur at descending spots within the frame. The object starts out small, then increases in size appears to yaw left(south) and underbelly becomes visible. I only noticed it when I started to edit the video. It was much to fast to see with the naked eye.The thing is it came in like a classic aircraft approach to land except there is no runway where it landed, not to mention the speed of the approach. That thing covered the width of the video area(camera was set at wide angle)in less than a second (as measured by the fraction of second counter on the editor) That viewing area (width)was approx. 3 miles. It moved straight towards me then dipped at approx. 30Degrees west as if it was landing.

Duration:: 10 seconds or under

Sounds:: No sound was heard,but a gust of wind can be heard to come up at just the time of the appearence of the thing. That was interesting since there was no wind sound prior to or shortly after the thing appeared on the video.

Number of witnesses: 1

Description: It at first didn't look like much of anything until the thing approached and headed on its descending path west, then it looked like a bowler hat (flattened top hat) with an overall oval look to it. The top part catching the sun reflected silvery and the bottom was total black with what looked like some kind of glow in the center. The last view of the thing gives the same look but bigger with the look of some kind of strut like (angle iron) projecting from the bottom and something like a bubble on the top part of the thing sort of turns into view.

Comments: The goofy thing about this is that I must have reviewed that frame 15 times before I saw it, and at first thought it was a bird or such flying past the camera until I reviewed the second counter on the editor and realized the bird was flying (from left to right ) faster then any jet I ever saw. Since There are a lot of known objects in the view included with the thing it's safe to presume an apparent speed well over 3 miles a second. I don't understand why it showed up as 4 separate images though within one frame? It's almost as if where it was had no effect on it, like it was separate from the surrounding area but still there. All I can say is that it sure was quick.

Background: 50 Consulting College male Amature photographer

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