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Date: October 13, 2002 10:35PM
Location: West Allis
County: Milwaukee

Source: Wisconsin UFO Sighting Report by PG L.

Details of Incident:


Weather: clear

I stopped at our skylight just before bed and was looking at what I thought was the constellation Cassiopeia but then just below it suddenly appeared four orange triangles. They appeared to be hovering, approximately 1,000 ft up, and then moved at first slowly then very quickly in a southeasterly direction. Since our skylight is on a slanted part of our roof, I was able to observe them for approximately 10 more seconds, then they headed southwesterly. The configuration was three triangles in the shape of an arrowhead, with a fourth riding underneath the arrowhead. Then just before turning the direction, the one triangle under the arrowhead and the right tip of the arrowhead appeared to veer off slightly, still staying with the group, and then they flew off at a greater rate of speed, due south, until I could no longer see them.

There is no possibility that our skylight could have captured a reflection, as its angle is not compatible with anything on the street, below. It was not car lights nor lights from passing planes, as a short while later there were two jets at different altitudes, passing in different directions, incompatible with the orange triangles. I also could not have reflected any light, the hallway in our home was dark and I was not wearing any jewelry.

This came out of nowhere, without warning, appeared to be something or someone observing, and then suddenly disappearing. It was not military craft nor anything else that I have ever seen. These triangles fly at a tremendous rate of speed. And one of the Mitchell airport flight paths is over our house, and there were no jets in the path at that time. These triangles are too small to be an aircraft of any type, and they also appear to have dimmer lights when travelling more slowly, and their lights brighten when travelling more quickly.

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