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Date: November 10, 2002 7:30-8:45 PM
Location: Sheboygan
County: Sheboygan

Source: Wisconsin UFO Sighting Report by Morgan G.

Details of Incident:


My wife and I were taking our nightly walk along the Sheboygan Lakefront. As we approached North Point, we could clearly see two strange lights on the eastern horizon over Lake Michigan. The lights were not those of a ship, nor were they on the water- they appeared to be just above the water, quite far out in the lake. Upon first sight of the lights, we saw one large shimmering red light accompanied by a smaller white light just to its left. We sat on a bench and watched these lights for an hour and fifteen minutes, during which time the red light stayed stationary, but the white light seemed to dip below the horizon and disappear from view. It may have just dimmed to the point at which we could no longer see it. We began our slow walk home, which is in a direction that allowed us to continue viewing the light as we walked. As we reached the top of a hill, the small white light that had disappeared earlier was now visible again, only this time it was to the right of the red light's location, opposite to its location earlier. This red light never changed its orientation in the sky. About 20 minutes into our observation of these lights, we could clearly hear the rumble of a large jet, or what sounded more like a group of jets, flying over the lake. We could not see them, as the skies were very dark with clouds. The jet sounds remained audible for quite some time, and did not sound commercial in nature. I have distinguished the rumble of military jets vs. commercial jets before, and these sounds were most likely military. On our way home, I stopped at my sister's house to get a pair of binoculars. She lives close to the lake, but I could not see the lights from her house. I returned to the lake no more than 5 minutes later, and the lights were gone. Not a sign of them on the horizon. Now, those of you reading this are probably saying that we saw a distant ship on the horizon, but I am quite certain that this was not a vessel. I have worked on ships, and I know what they look like from a distance, and these lights were different, and above the water. They could not have been early rising planets, because the skies were very dark with solid cloud cover. Also, if they had indeed been the lights of a large ore carrier, they would have still been visible when I returned with binoculars. Big ships do not travel fast enough to disappear this quickly, nor do they blink out on the horizon with the curvature of the earth that quickly. My gut feeling is that these lights were a part of some military exercise. The lights disappeared no longer than 30 minutes after we heard the rumble of the jet, or jets. I have seen lots of lights over the lake through the years, but these lights are definitely something that I can't easily put an explanation to.

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