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Date of Incident: August, 2003   
Time of Incident: roughly 10 pm
Location of Incident: Grafton, Ozaukee County
Other Related Reports: Not Applicable

Source of Report: UFOwisconsin.com online sightings report form by Brandon.

Details of Incident:


This is going to be an exstensive narrative, so you must all bear with me. It will help me recall the exact detail as it has been 3 years since THIS(I have other experienced sightings I witnessed while living in Nova Scotia), has occurred.It all began on a mid-august evening when some friends and myself decided to have a bonfire on the lake. My parents house was across the street from Lake Michigan, and we have had permission from beach owning neighbors to use there access. So, Joe , Anthony and Andrew accompanied myself down the bluff around 8pm that evening. We thought we would get the fire started early (...edited...), before I left with my current girlfriend to live in Truro, Nova Scotia Canada. Tia, who also accompanied us that evening came later in the evening and was present for the sightings. All of us at the time had just graduated High School and about to part ways in the next coming weeks. It was around 9:15 pm that I got a call from Tia, that she was up the bluff by my parents house and needed me to come meet her. I went up the bluff, got Tia, and ushered ourselves down to the beach to meet the guys and continue drinking. I myself had 3 drinks by this point, the rest Im unsure of. But Tia was 100% sober. It was around 9:55 or so that Andrew was just kinda meandering around the shoreline, while the rest of us were wrapped up in our conversations by the fire. There did at the time, now that I look back,have an erie feeling around the period in which I felt. All of a sudden, Andrew starts to say "guys, ummmm guys" none of our attentions had been caught yet. Andrew goes again "guys, guys,(oddly kind of in an amazed giggle goes, umm there's some freaky shit going on here dude." I myself was very enthusiastic and jumped to head over and get a closer look, as the rest of us gathered steadily. Tia at this point is freaking out as we begin to see three symmetrically aligned amber lights in the sky, right above lake Michigan on the Wisconsin Shore ofcourse. These objects seemed either really far, making them Gigantic in scale to ourselves; or rather smaller entities of some kind floating over the shore. Now this small segment of time lasted about 4 minutes, though it felt like time had all together ceased. Im trying to get a phone camera image, which never was very identifiable as to what we saw. Then the objects separated symmetry as one descended into the lake, the other two objects seemed to be diving down curdling the water and approaching. At this point we are all freaking out, either uttering profanities or rather saying "oh my god, oh my god" in repetative like states. I myself remember saying to myself I knew I was right I knew it. Thinking we were going to be gathered up and so on and so forth. As the excitement in ourselves rose, as did the behavior change in these objects, which when looked at closely seemed as if waves of amber energy orbited within the object, UFO, what have you. Then about 4 minutes later more objects appeared a total of five seemed to manifest out of thin air. Gathering together once again in a symmetrical like shape. we watched this happen and as they formed together, never really blinking an eye. Though Tia, who claims to have had encounters herself as a child back in Nova Scotia, was terrified and virtually hyper ventilating, as well as crying. She says, as does her sister Joy, "that we have had dreams of things like this after our sightings as children". Again as these objects formed again, they started to either fizzle out or in a starburst manner, fly away.After they disappeared, there was a calmness in the air as a sea of fog rolled in out of nowhere and the steady crash of small waves also seemed to cease, It was all so erie. We stayed for a while speculating,I gave them my GOD theory or angelical theory, and talked for about an hour longer before leaving. Now we all thought that we would wake up this next morning thinking all of this would be on the "news, "I mean its ****en, lake michigan shore line 12 miles north of milwaukee." ! You think no one else saw this, no one on the rock harbor in milwaukee during one of the festivals going on didnt see this, you have to be kidding me. Unless , due to depth perception that theses objects were just little entities. Im not so sure of that. So the next morning nothing, anywhere, maybe on a site like this, but we never looked into it. ALL I KNOW IS I SAW THEM, we joked how if we called it in there would just end up being a story about ourselves being the 5 stoner graduates who claim to have seen something. WELL we did, and Im sure others have as well, especially since we know about USO` and UFO submergences, particularly in Nova Scotia, for crying out loud, find it kind of odd I was with a native nova scotian, lived there afterwards and all the other coincedences. I am sure of these things as I am knowledgeable in many regards to conspiracy theorizing, government interactions with these creatures, Bilderberg, skull and bones and how they all correlate to the ancient Egyptians and YAH. Man this is heavy stuff, check out DR. HOROWITZ... I will never forget this encounter. Always watching, Brandon




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