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Date: August 15, 2003 7:45PM
Location: Port Washington
County: Ozaukee

Source: Wisconsin UFO Sighting Report by Bob M.

Details of Incident:



Weather: 80 degrees/95%+ Humidity, no clouds but haze
While throwing the football around in the backyard w/my two sons & one of their friends, a business jet (if not a Dassault Falcon, very similar to one) flew over heading Due NORTH at about 5,000 feet. We heard the engines, which brought our attention to it and watched it fly over for a few seconds.

We turned our attention to the football for a few seconds (maybe 10-15, at the MOST), to run a quick play. Afterward, I looked for the jet again, and found it in just about the same place as before, this time heading due SOUTH! Exactly 180 degrees from the direction it was traveling just seconds before. All four of us saw it, and agreed it was very strange, as though it just simply reversed direction without performing any kind of normal, banking turn maneuver at all.

Biz jets just don't turn like that: even the tightest possible turning radius takes up SOME kind of space, and the tightest possible turn would certainly be accompanied by a change in the pitch of the engine (no pitch change detected), a perhaps a certain tearing sound as the wings came off...

The kids thought maybe it was two jets crossing each other. I doubt it--that would've been an extreme near miss--a virtual mid-air collision in the eyes of the FAA.

So, I'm not sure what it was. Too bad we didn't see the turn actually occur. If we would've just kept watching it for a few more seconds...

Bob M.

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