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Date: October 10, 2003 7:06-7:57PM
Location: Fox Lake
County: Dodge

Source: UFO Wisconsin Report by Jeff S.

Details of Incident:


The first object I saw is the one that kept me looking at the sky. There was 3 lights in a triangle formation. The 3 lights flashed every 2 sec. This object came from the east and was heading west. I watched this object for about 10 seconds at 7:06 p.m. I also included the airplanes I saw because they were very numerous. I saw an airplane that came from the south and headed north (7:06). At 7:19 I witnessed a cluster of lights (red, white, and yellow) that came from the southeast and was heading west. I watched this object for about 8 sec because I lost sight of it through some trees. At 7:19 I watched an airplane come from the south and head west. I watched this plane for about 30 sec. before I noticed something strange about it. There was a strange, dim orange dot coming off from this plane. I had to blink to make sure it was really there. The dot headed east but then froze in it's tracks and darted west. I watched this object for about 45 seconds. At 7:22 I watched another airplane coming from the south heading north. Then I saw another orange dot. It was larger than the first one and was a pale orange. It came from the northwest and was heading south but, then it curved and headed west. I watched this object for about 15 sec. At 7:19 I saw yet another airplane. It came from the north and headed south. I watched as it disappeared. Two minutes later I watched another identical plane come and go in the same direction. I found this very strange. At 7:52 I saw probably the strangest thing i've seen in my life. There were about 8 lights that were in a circle that all randomly flashed red and gold. I watched this from my deck. I could not believe what I saw. I stood on my chair to make sure of what I saw. It came from the north and headed east. One minute later the same exact object appeared flashing gold colors come back from the direction it just came from. It raced at a remarkable speed. Faster than the first time. This was too much for me to handle. I jumped off my deck and raced toward the road to get a better view at the object. What I saw made a chill go through my body. Before my eyes there was 4 disc shaped objects all moving toward one another. They all headed north and I watched them head north for about 50 seconds(7:57). I was amazed at all the objects I witnessed that night. When I came in and looked at my calender I noticed it was a full moon. This made the hairs on the back of my head stand straight up.

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