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Date: May 2, 2004    Daytime
Location: Mequon, Wisconsin
County: Ozaukee

Source: UFOwisconsin.com report by Michael L.

Details of Incident


My name is Michael L.
I am from Mequon, WI.
I am 27 years of age.
My Mom spotted, and showed me
about 11-15, five inch burnt grass circles in our back yard.
She found them about May 2nd.
They are close into the house.  About 5 yards in from the house.
It is freaky.  It is unnatural.  I went out to investigate.
The grass is burnt.  Like white/yellow straw.  The rest of the yard
is green.  We know of nothing that could of casued this.
We have added nothing to the yard at all.
I mowed the lawn a week ago and picked up all grass
in a bag attached to the mower.
It is very strange.
I bent down and plucked a piece of random grass strand in one of the many circles.
There are 2 scorch marks on the piece of grass.
I put it in a bag.
I know of nothing that could have done this.  We are freaked out.
The circles are not perfect but close to perfect.
I think this is something from outer space.
I am a true believer.  I have been always researching this stuff.
This is very unique.
Michael L.


*UPDATE: UFOwisconsin.com in conjunction with the Paranormal Investigating Researchers Organization (P.I.R.O.) is currently further researching this situation so we may better take the next appropriate step.

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