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Date of Incident: June 16th, 2005
Time of Incident:10:10pm
Location of Incident: Waupun
Other Related Reports: Not Applicable

Source of Report: UFOwisconsin.com online sightings report form by name withheld

Details of Incident:


My husband and I saw something so strange in the sky tonight around 10:10pm last night. It was loud out with the sound of jets, and then there was a giant ball of light to the north of us that disappeared and then would reappear directly below it. What we saw was a ball of light from where we stand on earth they seemed to be the size of a basketball or so..., then another would appear below it and as another appeared the first one on top would vanish and more would come. That is why the firework thing crossed my mind, but these light balls were at plane level easily ,and the only noise was from these "jets". I don't know how to explain this!!!! HELP! There were about 6-8 t and then they were gone. At first I thought two planes collided, but there was no explosion. It was not travelling across the sky like a meteor or anything. I know this sounds confusing, but it IS!!!!There were two jets by it and it was almost as if they were shooting at each other, but they were going in opposite directions. I know the pilots had to have seen this. It was at that level. Please, I know somewhere someone had to have seen this as well. If anyone can help explain this it would be much appreciated. We saw something. I did contact the police in case planes did collide, but they said they had no other reports but would contact the
officers around the county to "look into it." We can not get this out of our heads. My husband is one to not believe anything unless he witnesses ithimself. He is a straight forward guy and he can acknowledge that we saw it so I know I am not losing my mind!

I was on such a "high" last night after seeing that and I lay in bed for hours trying to process what I had actually seen. I also sat out side for a good chunk of the night staring into that direction.Gees, my father is a physician in this town and I
don't think it would suit him for people to think his daughter is "crazy" ha, ha!!

I spoke with Tim Donovan with the Military Air Force in
Wisconsin and he informed me that he has no knowledge and can tell
me they did NO training exercises in my area last night and do not
utilize this area. So, he said he can NOT explain to me what we saw
last night. I told him I was not crazy:) but he told me he gets a
lot of calls about things like this. So, back to square one...I have


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