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Date of Incident: September 5th, 2005
Time of Incident: 10:00pm
Location of Incident: Three Lakes
Other Related Reports: Not Applicable

Source of Report: UFOWisconsin.com online sightings report form by Andrew L

Details of Incident:


My friends Susie, Becca and Lance, all went up to stay at a cabin in Three Lakes, Wisconsin. I have no idea what county that's in, but it's near Eagle River and Rhinelander.
Our cabin was right on a lake, if I find out what lake it is, I'll let you know. So all week the stars had been really clear, and Susie had been seeing a lot of shooting stars. On Saturday I noticed a very bright star, kinda reddish, in the South East, I just thought it was Mars. Sunday night, me, Susie, and Lance were outside by the fire pit. I think Becca was inside. And I was looking at that same star again, and it seemed to be blinking red, then yellow, then blue or green. Also, it seemed to be moving in a tight wavy circle.I watched it by myself at first, trying to fix my vision on the tree line and the star at the same time, so as to gauge movement. But it was pretty high up. I know when you look at a star too long, it kinda seems like it's moving; but this "star" was really moving. It would be constantly blinking colors, then moving up a bit, then over to the left, blink some more, move around, then move to the right to it's original position. And it would start all over again.
Lance saw another one to the North. Same color flashing, same movements, always staying in the same general area.
Susie was watching for shooting stars, when we noticed the sky flash once. I've seen heat lightening before, and it didn't seem like this. It only flashed in the South, once. And I thought I saw tiny blue streaks shoot from the South East "star".
My only conclusions at this point is that if these were a craft of some kind, they may have been using the lights and short movements as a sort of communication?
Then I had a crazy idea, I asked Lance to fetch my backpack, when he returned I got out this little flashlight thing that's on my keys. It's not a lazer pointer, but it is a red light. So I started waving it in the sky towards the things. Then Lance got out his flashlight and did the same.

The only things that changed after we tried to signal them, was the one in the North got dimmer. Maybe it moved farther away, or it turned down it's lights?
This might be unrelated, but I should mention it. About this time Susie started getting dizzy and naseous. So bad she couldn't walk at all. There's some personal problems our group had been having, and she wasn't dealing with it well, so it might've just been stress.
After we stopped signaling them, Lance looked around the sky and found more of them. The Big Dipper was very visable that night, it was so big...but it seemed closer than it should have. I looked at some of the stars in the constellation, and they were moving back and forth too!

Altogether I think we watched the "stars" past 1am. My guess is they had been there all week. I live in Madison, and when I got home Tuesday night, I was curious, so I went out walking to a park near my house. And sure enough, there were two blinking things in the sky. One in the North, and one in the South East. It may have been the same ones? I don't know.

As far as I know, none of these things tried to land, and they never made any drastic movements in any direction. So that's it. I'll keep watching the skies.

Susie may be willing to make a report, but as some personal things happened, I can't speak for Lance.


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