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Date of Incident: 6/2005   
Time of Incident:Dusk
Location of Incident: Hillsboro, Vernon County
Other Related Reports: Not Applicable

Source of Report: UFOWisconsin.com online sightings report form by
Paul M

Details of Incident:


I was walking on a small country road about five miles outside Hillsboro, WI, at about dusk. Upon reaching the top of a hill, I spotted perhaps five or six bright lights very high up in the distant northern sky. I immediately knew they weren't stars, because they had the intensity of bright electric sources, and were ranged in a perfect line. The sun had sunk past the horizon, but the clear sky hadn't dimmed enough for the stars to come out fully.

The lights vanished after glowing, apparently motionless, for a few seconds. I stood where I was and continued watching. Sure enough, the lights returned --- only a little to the east. They glowed for a few moments, then disappeared again. A minute passed, and I saw one of the lights turn on again, a bit more to the west. In response, the rest lit up beside it, in a perfectly straight row. They blinked out simultaneously. The lights kept replaying the blink-and-answer routine for the next few minutes, at irregular intervals, their positions changing. First I'd see them a little east of where I'd seen them before, and then they'd pop up west of there. Sometimes it looked as if they were coming closer, and at other times I thought they were moving away. I heard no sound, nor did I actually witness any movement. They just kept reappearing in different places.

The last time I saw them, the lights turned on in a row running almost exactly north and south, much farther away, disappearing into the north. With my cell phone, I called my brother, who lives with me, and told him about the lights. He's a great skeptic about such things, but to his credit, he believed me. He ran out to see them for himself, but the lights had gone by the time he joined me.


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