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Date of Incident: August 13th, 2005   
Time of Incident: 3:15 a.m.
Location of Incident: Newport State Park, Door County
Other Related Reports: Not Applicable

Source of Report: UFOWisconsin.com online sightings report form by Dave H

Details of Incident:



It was our second night at campsite 10 at Newport State Park. My wife and I were camping camping with our friends. At about 3:15 am, which would have been Saturday the 13th of August, one of our dogs was whining to go out. After he diligently took care of business I let him back into the tent and walked out on to the beach to observe the meteor shower. Though it had been clear earlier that night and the night before we had been dissapointed in the lack of meteors seen. The sky was clear as could be and I looked to the northeast, scanning the sky for falling stars.

Before long I noticed a single white light above the treeline. It was quite a distance away. At first I thought it was a planet until I noticed it moving in a clockwise circle. I took note that none of the other stars in the sky were moving, so I figured the wind was moving the tops of the trees to give this star the appearance of motion. I walked back about fifteen feet, making certain that from my vantage point there was no way the trees could interfere with my view. Still, the light continued it's clockwise circling. After a couple of minutes it broke into three lights, as if forming the points of an equal lateral triangle. Then the three lights continued in the clockwise circling. This lasted for several more minutes until they finally converged back in to one point and quickly faded off to the northeast.

Of course, a couple of times I was tempted to go wake my wife and my friends, but I fugured the minute I did the object would disappear. Instead, I thought it best to observe the light as long as I could and let them sleep.

I have no idea if this was phenomenon or some intelligence. I had no feeling of any prescence and I felt more curious than anything. Besides, I know what I saw, the circling lights over Lake Michigan.


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