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Date of Incident: March 22, 2006
Time of Incident: 3:45 pm
Location of Incident: Mesa, Arizona
Other Related Reports: Not Applicable

Source of Report: UFOWisconsin.com online sightings report form by Jacob J.

Details of Incident:


I was walking home from school, and i turned a corner to my street, right when i turned the corner a REALLY REALLY hot wave hit me, i did fall over cuz i wasnt expecting that much heat, and when i got up i continued to walk home and i saw just barly catching it, in the feild next to my apartments, and i looked at it, i thought it was my brother just playing around with me, but it came out from behind a rock and it was a 5'0 lookin object, nuthing near a human looking, he was only about 16 yards away and i stoped, and it stared at me like it was observeing me in a way, i picked up a rock and through it at the thing, and i moved as if he new what i was going to do, it moved closer and i felt kind dizzy and my vision started to blurrr. then i new i was on a softer surface and i felt a touch and i had a TERIBLE head ache, then i felt another touch and a sharping pain on my hip, i started to get my vision back and i was staring in a THING eyes, big eyes and then i woke up on the ground, with a burning in my finger tips, i went home like nothing happened, cuz i didnt think anyone would belive me, and i went to my window and tryed to think about what happened, evverytime i think about what happend i get a headache-like, when i was staring out my window i saw 3 figures HIGH in the sky, it was a clear day so i could see for miles, i went to get my banoculars and i looked (this is going to sound made up, or from a movie) up at them and i saw 3 sausers! i looked away because i was scared!



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