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Date of Incident: None given
Time of Incident: 10pm or later
Location of Incident: Dundee
Other Related Reports: Not Applicable

Source of Report: UFOWisconsin.com online sightings report form by Maria W.

Details of Incident:


We were camping at Long Lake campground a number of years ago and we usually sat up late to enjoy a campfire. We generally came numerous times during the summer so I can't remember exact dates. That particular night the sky was clear and the weather was hot. My husband (who enjoys watching the stars) saw something hoovering above our campsite. We all looked up and saw a couple of orbs in the sky, which looked almost like stars. They seemed quite high up in the sky. Suddenly they started to move in short straight lines in the sky almost like they were drawing geometric patterns. Given the distance they appeared to be away from us and the size of the orbs they had to be going at incredible speeds to move that quickly. I panicked and tried not to look because I was already afraid from encounters with skunks and raccoons during other recent camping trips that I didn't want to make things worse just before bed! We tried to figure out what the orbs were were and my brother tried to comfort me by saying it was satellites repositioning themselves, but when we thought more about it we believed that satellites couldn't move that fast! We went to bed not too long after that and I layed there on my air mattress fearful that I would be taken by aliens in the night. I even felt too afraid to get out of the tent to use the bathroom! :)


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