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Date of Incident: September 6th, 2006
Time of Incident: 11:15 pm
Location of Incident: Near Bevent on 153 & J

Source of Report: UFOWisconsin.com online sightings report form by name withheld.

Details of Incident:


around sept 6 ,2006 time 11;15 pm on my way home from work coming to 153 and county J,I did see a light in the sky to right of me at the stop sign of hywy 153 and cty J a bright light in the sky . At first i thought it was a plane heading for mosinee, but remembered that airport was closed because there were no light on at the airport when going though. What got me was the light was moving from right to left. Then it became stationary, thinking to my self, it must be a star, because i was on my to a stop at the sign. As i came to the stop sign there was a car coming from my left on cty J the car did stop ahead of me. I set there waiting for the car to pull out as he was there first but the car set there for about 2 mins. Then the car slowly pulled out in the direction of the light. Which was getting bigger at the time i pull out out the stop sign. which was about a 3 min wait. So thinking to my self , hurry to kristoff rd so i can see it a little better. The light was off to my right but was getting bigger and was going in the same direction i was very slowly, I came to the end of kristoff. The light was in the direction i had to go to get to misssion lake road as I did came to mission lake road the light was ahead of me but as i came to the road it moved to the right of road. So as i was turning to mission lake road the light was very big to the right of me, wanting to stop and get a better look at the light, but being alone, i speeded up so i could get to the top of hill around the corner on the road so i could see the light to my right but was surprised that the light was in back of me going to north at that time. Slowing down looking at the light which was bright in the middle but had a reddish rim to me, I started to get very very nerves so i did speed up to more i should have been going. In my rear mirror i did notice that there was a flashing vechicle or craft that came from the light was looking at which made me go a little faster down the road. Both crafts were moving in a northly direction when losing sight of them




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