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Date of Incident: November 10th, 2006
Time of Incident: about 6:30pm at dusk
Location of Incident: Johnson Creek, Jefferson County

Source of Report: UFOWisconsin.com online sightings report form by name withheld.

Details of Incident:


Well, I'll start by saying this. I've always been a skeptic of ufos. I believe there has got to be an explaination for just about anything we see. And I hope there is an explaination for this. And I hope someone could verify to me what I actually saw, how ever simple it may be. Someone had to have seen the same thing cause it was in broad daylight somewhat behind the Johnson Creek shopping centers in the sky. Anyway this sounds crazy but heres the story. I was traveling back from Occonomowoc westbound on I-94 getting off on the freeway exit to turn south on hwy 26 towards the town of Johnson Creek. For those of you familiar with this the shopping outlets are on the right hand side. Anyway, it was getting late in the afternoon the sun was still up and it was a clear sky. about 4:30 maybe about an hour before sunset, maybe it was October I cannot remember the date, but about 5 months ago. Im typing late at night here on 1/15/07. On that day as I was comming down the ramp something in the sky caught my eye. At first glance I thought it was an AC-130 like the kind you see fly around southeast Wisconsin as part of the Milwaukee reserve air supply unit. It appeared like I was looking at the side of one of these large airplanes dead on. Like it faced directly sideways towards my girlfriend and I. And as I came to a stop at the end of the ramp, I put my left turn signal on and the glanced over again, expecting to watch it fly past or off in the distance. At my shock and surprise the object did not continue flying anywhere! It looked as if it was suspended, paused in mid air. This was about 300 to 400 ft in the air. Low flying when it comes to airplanes but not close to the ground either. My girlfriend continued to look at it as we passed under the freeway. And pulled into the gas station by the movie theater. on the south side of the freeway. She yelled theres another one,when we pulled up to the pump. I got out and stood behind my car watching it, and saw the other one, also. I couldn't tell if it was lower than the first one I saw or it was just further away. It looked like they were in some sort of formation. Or flying together, the way the military AC-130s do when you see them flying in southeast Wisconsin. I've seen AC-130s Countless times when I lived in West Allis a suburb of Milwaukee. They fly together in a spaced out formation or line, be it 2 or 4 of them at once. So I figured that was what I saw, this time. But the more I watched I noticed that these two objects were not moving. As I gassed up my car, I lined the first object up with a light post and then the gas pump itself with the first large object, the one that appeared closer and or larger. And I watched till the car was full and the pump stopped. And I continued for about a minute after that. The object did NOT move left or right, up or down, and did not get closer or farther away. It stayed suspended in mid air. And the other one stayed in its location as well. I also noticed that not only was it jet black, or appeared to be so, but the sun was still up and there was no shine on the objects which I could only describe as large rectangular black bars in the sky like ====== <--- that horizontal. Also there were no lights on them. No blinking lights like on helicopters or airplanes. And sound that I could hear over the sound of the freeway and near traffic. I then went into pay for the gas, shaking a little still not believing what I have been seeing. I wanted to say something to the gas station clerk and have him take a look. And to the other customer behind me, but I didn't want to get laughed at. And I wanted to get back to the car to watch as soon as possible. I got back to the car, and they were still up there in the sky passed the freeway and to the northwest of the shopping outlets. I had my girlfriend get out of the car and watch with me for another 10 minutes. They still did not appear to move and the just sat there in the sky like a video of two airplanes in formation on PAUSE. We watched for any light flickering we tried to figure out their shape cause it was hard to tell what they were just flat black large and like black horizontal bars in the sky. No jet sound and no thump thump sound like a military chopper. I use to watch military shows all the time on discovery and the history channel and have seen all kinds of helicopters, and footage. But I have never seen anything like this before. We drove home and tried to look up the number for the Johnson Creek Police department but couldn't find it. Plus even if we did we both admit neither one of us would have called and tried to tell the police that we think we saw a ufo or something. But I hope someone out there who reads this saw the same thing between Watertown and Johnson Creek, WI In broad daylight not sure which day, between October and November. Maybe someone knows what they were and they have a simple explaination. If I took a wild guess it could have been 2 jet black Army Chinook helicopters hovering, or practicing. But there were no lights blinking or on. And they sat perfectly still, excellent hovering skills go out to the pilots! But I doubt they were very large black helicopters or hovering AC-130s... Impossible!!!




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