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Date of Incident: December 19th, 2006
Time of Incident: 7:00 am
Location of Incident: Madison, Dane County

Source of Report: UFOWisconsin.com online sightings report form by Brenda G.

Details of Incident:


A co-worker and I were traveling East on 90/94 near Madison around 7:oo am.

I noticed a huge gold colored object (kind of egg shaped) in the sky to the east of the highway ahead of us in the distance. As we were driving, it just remained in the exact same spot. I was kind of looking at other drivers we were passing to see if they were looking at it, too. I told my co-worker to turn on the radio to see if anyone was talking about it on the air. We just kept watching it as we were driving, trying to figure out what it was. It was about the size of a hot air balloon, but it was not one. It just stayed in that one spot. As we got up next to it became kind of translucent, but it looked like it was oval with many windows on the outside edge of it. As we kept driving, it just totally faded out of view, but in the distance we could see another one and it faded out of view a little after the nearest one did. I have been driving for my jobs for many years and have never seen anything like this. I could not believe that people were not discussing it on the news and radio, because it was visible to us for approximately 20 minutes and it was during the broad daylight. I keep checking Ufo websites to see if anyone else reported seeing it that day, but I have not run into any other reports. I did though, see a photo similar to what we saw that day, on Mufon.com.

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