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Date of Incident: January 28th, 2006
Time of Incident: 7:30 a.m.
Location of Incident: Lake Wisconsin (Lodi). Columbia County

Source of Report: UFOWisconsin.com online sightings report form by Marilyn.

Details of Incident:


I was asleep on the morning of Jan. 28, 2006. I was alone in the downstairs bedroom as my husband was on his way home from New Orleans. My teenaged daughter was in her room upstairs with her bedroom door closed. My teenaged son was asleep across the hall from my daughter with his door closed. Our cat was the only "family member" wandering the house as usual. Because it was a sat. morning I had no plans to get up early. However I was awakened by the sound of my bedroom door being opened. I opened my eyes and as I lying facing the door I immediately saw the door which was about two-thirds ajar and I also saw our cat walking toward me. It was then that I looked from the floor as I did I said (to the cat) Reebee, who let you in here? I then saw a being in the hallway. It was short, had I think a kind of suit on. The eye holes were very large and dark. It wasn't quite directly in my line of sight and as I watched, it two two steps so that it and were directly looking at each other. Even though I knew what I was seeing and it was something otherworldly, I somehow wanted to believe that one of my children had opened the bedroom door. So dispite the fact that I was on one level deeply afraid, I started out of bed. As I did so I said again in a rather loud voice "Reebee who let you in." As I began to walk toward the door the being turned toward the right and took some steps that took it out of my line of sight. By the time I made it into the hallway it was gone. I ran up the stairs to my daughter's room. I went in and discovered that she had just ended a cell phone call when she too heard my bedroom door opening. She immediately thought to herself "Oh, Mom's up". She heard me ask who let Reebee in the first time and also the second time. So I know I wasn't dreaming and also that the door was opened by someone. Anyway, later that day I noticed something I hadn't noticed before. When the furnace kicked on I would hear a very low humming vibration and I'd hear the vibration as long as the furnace was on. When the furnace kicked off the vibration would slowly come to a halt. I told noone of the vibration because I was very disconcerted by it. Our family left for a week in New Orleans the end of March 2006. When we returned I happily noticed that the vibration tied to the furnace operating had stopped. I do not know what this experience was about except I must tell you that The house my family was living in at this time was actually my mother's. She spends the winter months in Florida. My family and I were living in her house because our house in New Orleans had been devastated by Katrina. My feeling is that perhaps since my mother's home was always unoccupied from October until May it has been (perhaps) used by extra-terrestrials for reasons I cannnot guess, but they would have had complete privacy for years and years of winter seasons until that one winter that my family and I lived in the house. I hope you don't think I am crazy. Although I do know what I saw and I was not dreaming. I guess our cat Reebee knows too but he hasn't been forthcoming about what he experienced!!!! One other interesting bit of info...The following summer my mother had a male house guest staying for a night or two. One morning during his stay he told my mother that he had been awake in the middle of the night, had looked out of the lake which one can see from the bedroom he was staying and he saw some very bright lights located close to the Merrimac shoreline. When my mother tried to question him in more detail, he would not speak further about what he saw.




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