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Date of Incident: April 24th, 2008
Time of Incident: They are there almost every night
Location of Incident: Port Washington

Source of Report: UFOWisconsin.com online sightings report form by Anthony L.

Details of Incident:


Any skeptics please leave now, you will have no valuable input for me, and would only be waisting your time posting. Not be an ass, I just don't feel like arguing over if UFOs do or don't exist, for I finally have all the proof I need.

Ok... so now to the important part. I met this guy who has a set of 3 really huge houses on a sh** load of land. Yesterday I was at his house and he had mentioned to me stories on how his house is haunted and there are UFOs in the sky almost every night. Keep in mind that he lives in country roads so there i very little light hitting the sky at night, and that one this particular night it was foggy and very cloudy in the sky.

I obviously thought it was bull and that he just he was trying to scare me. To make a long story short, later that he took me outside and showed me. It was about 11pm, and we were walking outside to get something from his other house, He pointed to a tiny bright dot in the sky which i presumed to be a star, and told me that it was a UFO. He then pointed to another 2 dots that looked almost identical, and commented on how they made a triangle. He then showed me many many many many more triangles of the same kind.

I was positive that they were just stars... then one of the lights I was looking at, which was previously still, suddenly moved. It made a tiny little jiggle, then darted to the right, darted back to the left, and then went downwards very quickly and then just stopped again. I thought it was my eyes, or somehow the clouds. Then it struck me... how can I see these lights so clearly when it is so cloudy and foggy? Still skeptical, I started to look around at these other triangles.

Almost every single one of those tiny ****ing bright lights over his house were moving in completely unorganized nonsensical ways... I sh** you not that one of these little tiny dots could clear the entire sky within a couple of seconds. They disappear out of nowhere. I was flipping sh**... I am fascinated with the idea of UFOS and have spent countless hours just relaxing and watching the stars hoping that something strange like this might happen.

Ok.. so little tiny lights that are identical to stars moving, it's cool but I still was not completely sure that there wasn't somehow a prank behind this or something, because the two guys (brothers aged 22 and 19) who I know that live there were completely unbothered by what was happening. They told me that it has been this way ever since they built the house there, and that there was something unique about the land when their parents purchased it (i didn't really catch everything he said about what was special about it).

I have my neck breaking looking up with my eyes completely glued to the night sky. Every law of motion and gravity i've ever been taught is being broken right in front of my eyes, when all of a sudden my friend screams for me to look at the sky where he was pointing. There was this huge thing moving above us (not right above us, but ****ing close as sh**!!) it made NO noise at all what so ever, and looked like nothing at all that I have ever seen. It moved like it was skipping it, slowly going forward and then having a quick boost, and then slowly going again.

IT HAD NO WINGS! The best way I can describe it is that it looked like a NASA spaceship except moving very slow and horizontally rather than vertically. The lights on it were nothing like any plane ive seen. I freaked the **** out when I saw it and ran to go get my cell phone (he made us keep our cell phones inside because he said they tend to disappear or not be as active when cell phones are being used)

So I called my sister and told her and she gave me mad sh**, and finally I had her ass roll out of bed and drive over here to see this. She was amazed at the little bright stars that kept zig zagging and falling and changing places, but she refused to believe in it (she does not believe in aliens) Then all of a sudden there is a bright ass orange light in the middle of the dark sky (it looked EXACTLY like a light on a street lamp except it was moving) It was moving erratically then a smaller ball of the same color light went flying off of the big ball of light and then disappeared. The big ball of light then kept slowly lowering to the ground... then it would turn into an airplane looking thing.. and then eventually it would turn into one of the zig zagging dots.




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