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Date: 1955
Location: Great Lakes Michigan
State: Illinois

Source: Wisconsin UFO Sighting Report by Richard F.

I've had a few incidents happen to me, most of which I could come up with at least a pseudo scientific explanation for. Not this one though. I recently read a report of a sighting that was identical to one of mine, though 45 years later. I'll tell you mine.

This incident occurred many years ago, late 1955. I was attending electronics school at the Naval Training Center, Great Lakes Michigan.

As it was an unusually balmy night for that time of year, I decided to take a stroll around the the base. I was passing the main gate when I decided to rest for a while on a bench outside.

The sky had lots of soft puffy clouds that were soft pink in color, due the lights of Chicago and/or Milwaukee. The parts of the sky not obscured by clouds were very black with brilliant stars.

Just sitting there smoking and looking at the sky, I noticed some movement directly overhead. Many, 8 to 20 (Long time ago, I forget exactly) dull red dots drifting semi-randomly. They were just dots, small and round from what I could tell. They were fairly bright and could have been seen by anyone with normal vision if they happened to look there. They did not Strobe. There were no other colors and made no sound that I could hear.

I noticed that there would be pairs that would break off from the group and chase each other in and out of the clouds. They would exit the cloud at random places. Sometimes the trailer was behind, sometimes not. Putting myself in the position of those operators it could go something like this, "OK George, we have to be up here anyway so lets have some fun. You turn off you electronics and try to follow me though the clouds." That's exactly what they looked like they were doing.

This whole incident lasted at least five minutes maybe more. I remember lying on the grass to watch as I was getting a crick in the neck. Just when I started to think about pointing this out to the only people around, the gate guards, I saw that the clouds were starting to fill the sky and these red things were disappearing. By the time I got to the gate they were gone. I asked the guards if they saw it, they didn't.

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