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Date: December 12, 1962
Location: Sublimity, Oregon    
County: N/A

Source: UFOWisconsin.com report by

Details: hello, i'm trying to find someone to tell my storie. i have had two experiences with aleins. one when i was 5 years old, one when i was 44 years old. they were quite different, yet some similaritys. both had white-ish blue-ish bright lights shinning in my room. both were little gray beings, with long skinny arms, three long skinny fingers, with great big black eyes, and both times they talked to me telepathic. i've never talked about these incounters to anyone besides my family. the first time i seen on tv, in the 1980s someone had a drawing of what they seen, my heart went up my throat, my stomach fell to the floor, and i almost fainted. THE PICTURE WAS EXACTLY WHAT I SEEN! i tryed to draw a picture of it when i was a little girl, did'nt look right. i have finely decided to share my expereince, after i seen unexplained mysteries on tv, about abductions. i'd also like to be hypnotized to see if i was taken out of my home.