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Date: 1970
Location: Philadelphia
State: Pennsylvania

Source: UFO Wisconsin Report by Susan R.

My brother and I were going into the hospital to visit my stepfather that day. We parked the car outside of the hospital and started walking toward the gate. This silver object appeared out of nowhere it seemed right up above us and to the side. It was in the middle of Broad St. The object was saucer like, very large and had white lights around it. It was so close to us, and just hovered there. If we had a ladder we could have climbed up the object. The object stayed like that for about 2 minutes. Then all of a sudden it went sideways slowly and took off at great speed and was gone. This happened over 30 years ago and it still bothers me today. There were also many cars driving by and someone must have seen it. I tried to report it, but no one would listen.

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