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Date: October 1972 11:00PM
Location: Ft. Ord
State: California

Source: Wisconsin UFO Sighting Report by Phillip M.

Weather clear, 11:00 pm., guard duty. Jeffery ((last name removed)) of Fresno, California and myself from Coolidge, Arizona were walking our perimeter on a clear october night. At FT. Ord Ca. when I noticed A white hot light moving at a high rate of speed straight up. I immediatly called to (Pfc) ((name removed)) as required to notify him that there was something in our vicinity. At that point an upside down cone of blue light complete with rim shone down. We watched this for another minute or two. Then it disappeared except for the cone which began to lose it's shape and change color. It appeared to turn into a rich neon blue blotch (ie blacklight) color that kept changing shapes. It moved to the East and dissipated to nothing. We discussed it and reported it to the high command. (In return we were told it didn't happen. You never saw it. It doesn't exist. Never speak of this again. You're dismissed.) We were assigned another location to guard the next night.

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