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Date: 1976/1977*
Location: Merida
Country: Venezuela

Source: Wisconsin UFO Sighting Report by Elena D.

It was late in the night and I was profoundly asleep. Suddenly I woke up, like if I had been called by someone. Abruptly I sat on the bed and continued by getting up and walking to the interior patio of the house. From that patio, even though I was in the house, I could still look outside at the clear sky. I stood there, quiet and silent, just looking at the sky like if waiting for something to happen. Only that I did not know what it was. In a matter of seconds and without knowing from where, there they were, three huge space ships, surrounded by a soft red light, glided across the sky, silently and at a tremendous speed. It was a very beautiful spectacle. Near enough to me to clearly see what it was.....and yet, I could not believe it. I stood there, asking myself so many questions, telling myself that it could not be, that it was an illusion....but why did I woke up to walk to the patio to wait for them? Later that morning, I got ready to go to classes at the University. In my disbelief, I mentioned nothing to any of the members in my family about my experience.....At the University I met my boyfriend for lunch. We both sat at the university cafe. We were silent, like absorb in our thoughts. He then broke the silence with a question. He looked at me and asked: Do you believe in aliens?...Surprised with his question I replied with another question: Why do you ask me that?....He answered: If I told you, you won't believe me. I insisted in him narrating his experience and it was exactly the same experience I had. He was in deep sleep, he suddenly woke up and walked to his window and saw them, three huge space ships..........we both decided to keep quiet and talk to no one about it. We thought that we would be call crazy if we talked about............Years later I had this beautiful dream of me travelling in a space ship through the universe. The space ship landed in a planet. I did not come out of the space ship but when the space ship door opened, I stood by the door to look out at their planet. It was a planet of extreme beauty.....A group of them walked by the space ship and with curious but kind faces they looked at me like looking at a stranger in the place....the surprising thing about this dream, is that years later again, on a T.V documental, for the first time I saw the tall, big eyes aliens and I was shock to see that they were the same aliens I saw in my dream, then, I asked myself if It had really been a dream.........I love them....whoever they are and wherever they are, I feel like one with them. I can't say I had a bad experience. Please excuse my English, my native language is Spanish.

*UFO Wisconsin Note: The date is approximate. We did email Elena to try to track down a specific year, below is the email she sent us:

Dear Jenny,

I can only remember that it was in the late 70's. I was going to University at the time...I can't remember with exactitude but i can tell you that it was between 1976/1977. Yes, I was only in my 18's or 19's year old then. Maybe if I get to talk to my then boyfriend (he is in another country) maybe he can remember the month......if so, I will let you know. All I can remember clearly is that it was 3 am in the morning...I remember looking at the clock by my bed. Hope that can be of help to you.

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