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Date: June 11, 1977 16:00
Location: Hialeah
State: Florida

Source: Wisconsin UFO Sighting Report Form Submission by Manny

I was in the back seat of my cousin's Mustang he was driving and my father was on the passager side, my cousin first noticed a large shaped disk that was moving in the opposite direction that we were going. It was a very clear afternoon. My cousin noticed it first then my dad and I did also, it was kind of wobbly but moving quite fast. It lasted about 40seconds. It was kind of silver grayish. I think it was close to 400 feet above ground, then just as we saw it appear, it just disapeared. It was over a middle school Henry H Filer, that is in Hialeah, Florida, Dade County. Since that day I have experienced 3 more encounters, there were witnesses in all except for the last encounter.

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