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Date: September 13, 1983    9:00 - 9:30 p.m.
Location: Brisbane & Toowoomba Area

Source: UFOWisconsin.com Report Form By: Leonard S.

I was in a mazda 808 travling to toowoomba from brisbane in queensland austraila with my aunt there was a car comeing towards us down a hill when we saw what looked like a planes landing lights comeing at us above the uther car our car started to play up the engine was missing and the radio was makeing a lot of noise then our headlights where going the wrong way they where pointing to the left same with the uther car we stoped the uther car slowed down all most a stop when i called out to him can you see this thing and he took off like a rocket the object was about the size of a school bus with what looked light bright comeing from all over it the light did not hurt our eyes it seemed to float there for awhile the shoot off to the west and then came back over the top of us and went back to the east and up till we could no longer see it my aunt and myself have since that time have had a camara in the car with us when ever we go out no more luck. I hope this is of hel!
p to you thank you LC Smith Queensland Austraila

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