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Date: November 1986 10:30PM
Location: Orion
State: Illinois

Source: Wisconsin UFO Sighting Report by Julie S.

I arrived home at 10:30pm from work, the skys were dark but clear, I climbed out of my car, behind my home was a cornfield, and coming over the horizon was a large glowing round object with a vaporis white tail, looked like a comet but it was in our stratosphere. I ran into the house and asked my mother and brother and sister to come out or they would miss it, and I ran back out and was really surprised at what I saw. It was not just one object it had 4 or 5 smaller round orbs in perfect alignment with vaporis tails following it. It appeared to be flying from the southwest to the northeast and appeared to follow the curvature of the earth. It was really quite spectacular, and nothing I had ever seen before. We called the weather station who stated it was a Soviet satellite that broke into the atmosphere which to this day I do not believe. I have seen meteor showers, and when debris enters the atmosphere I bursts into many different colors and goes all directions. These objects were already in our atmosphere, and they were flying to a destination northeast. I wonder just how stupid they take the public for there is definitely a cover up going on. I recently read the book by William B. Cooper "The Pale Horseman". I bought it because it had the only picture I have ever seen in black and white that remotely resembles what I saw, and I might add the book was quite eye opening as well. Anyway that is all I have for now,hope you find this as interesting as I did. Bye for now


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