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Date: 1996 (Date is approximate)
Location: Dallas
State: Texas

Source: Wisconsin UFO Sighting Report by Richard F.

I'm not sure of the date which this happened or the time. I can take a guess that it was past 10pm central time in Dallas Texas. I was upset about something when I decided to go outside and sit in my truck. As I was gazing at the stars I noticed out of no where one started to move. I thought it may have been an airplane but seemed kind of strange that I had not noticed it the whole time I was watching. But it appeared out of no where, and I assumed it was a plane moving along like I have seen many planes do, but I did not see any flashing lights that I have seen on planes before. Anyhow the crafts starting moving from east to west for a very short distance then all of a sudden dropped down, no curves, no sudden speed changes, just dropped down, went about the same distance as it did from east to west and disappeared. I went to tell my father about this, but he did not really seem to care, and by the way I was 21 years old.

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