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Date: February 6, 1997
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
County: N/A

Source: UFOWisconsin.com report by Mark M.

Details: I was taking a friend on a scenic flight over Adelaide one night in June 1997. After about an hour of flying we headed back to the airport then I saw what appeared to be a flash some distance away in the night sky.To my suprise I see five lights in formation coming straight towards me..I contacted air trafic control three times before giving up as I was told nothing was showing on radar.(later I found out they did)I prepared the aircraft for an encounter. The objects come fast towards me,as they approached they formed a circle and let us through. We could see them on both side of the aircraft ,big and orange.. I nearly cliped one and feared for our safety.. We last saw the objects racing up into the sky behind us. I landed and contacted Colin Norris ,UFO man in Adelaide..We found there were lots of witness..