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Date: August 29, 1997 9:30PM
Location: Fayette, Maine

Source: UFOWisconsin Report by Larry L.

My mother and I were travelling by car west on Route 17 through Fayette headed toward Livermore Falls. I noticed a bright orange/yellow light in the sky through the windshield. I pointed it out to my mother and we watched as it seemed to just hover as a star would in the night sky. We turned on to a side road that was a shortcut we had driven often. I slowed to about 15 mph while watching the object float in our view. All of a sudden the object seemed to grow larger. We realized that the object was actually fallen from the sky. I came to a full stop and we glazed out the windshield as it grew closer. Then without warning it broke into two bright orange orbs and within seconds glided over the roof of my car. Although it made no noise, it did however shake the whole car and made the ground rumble beneath us. Almost immediately after that, it was gone from our sight. When I reached home, Wilton at that time, I peered into the night sky to the east and watched as a dimly orange lit object floated across the horizon and then disappearing into darkness. ~I have another less impressive sighting if interested~

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