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Date: December 12, 1998
Location: Ashburton
State: England

Source: Wisconsin UFO Sighting Report Form Submission by Andrew B.

I appologise for vagueness. The first sighting was in Dec 1998 around 12th Very late at night. I pointed out a satelight which traversed the sky to my girlfriend. As I did so what I would describe as a flying wing with four lights underside and illumination round its outer edge passed over. Sometime later I pointed out the satelight making its second pass. ONLY TO SEE THE UFO AGAIN. I pointed out that if the UFO was at the same height as the satelight it would have been the size of a city. Also if it had come over a second time it was travelling at the same speed as the satelight. 18000 mph.

Our second sighting was much more spectacular I watched a UFO cross a valley passing over a town nearby it flew over our stable yard and out towards the moors. This vehicle had a triangular underside with a light in each corner, These lights were joined by what appeared to be huge pipes. The craft was flying at about 50 mph and at a height of about 50ft. I could have thrown a rock at it it was that close. Topside the craft appeared cubic. Rectangular at front with a tower to the rear giving an L shape. Every edge was illuminated as I experienced with my earlier sighting. The craft emmitted only a deep humming noise as it flew over our heads. I have looked through your visual data to try and find an image of what we saw. I am desperate and need help to either create a copy of the craft or with the help of an artist create an image of what we saw. Can youy please help me. There are three independant witnesses to this sighting and I think I need a de-briefing of some kind to help me put this behind me or show the world what we saw.

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