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Date: July 8, 2002 around Midnight
Location: Duluth
State: Minnesota

Source: UFO Wisconsin sighting report - witness requested to remain anonymous

I was visiting my dad in Duluth for a week in July of 2002. It gets kind of boring up there sometimes so that night, I asked my stepsister if I could go with her and her friends for the night. She told me that they were just going to look for a place to make a campfire, so we grabbed marshmallows and left. Her and I got into a car with three other girls. We passed through Gary New Duluth, and then we passed the road leading to the Oliver Bridge. We turned the corner that was on the St. Louis River and pulled over to the left side of the road (which was facing the river). My sister was in the back seat, to the right of me, her window facing the water. We were parked on the outlook. We sat there for about maybe three minutes, pointing our flashlights down the hill, looking for trails. We spotted one, and one of the girls got out of the car to check it out further. She walked probably 25 feet away from the car and her flashlight died, so she came running back to the car, scared. We talked about just going home but my sister didn't want to, saying, "We just got here, there's no point in leaving so soon!" So we sat there for a little while, talking. A few minutes later, the conversation died and I glanced at the time, which was 11:58. My sister was looking out the window and suddenly she said, "Look! On the water!" So I looked out the window and I saw a very bright white light, hovering over the water. I couldn't stop looking at it, and it appeared to start moving towards us very slowly. I thought I was imagining it moving, but all the other girls gasped and said, "Look! IT's moving!!!" So I turned toward the driver and said, "Let's go now, let's go NOW!" And she looked frozen or something, looking out the windshield and I moved forward and looked out the windshield and I saw an identical light hovering over the trees. And then, one of us noticed ANOTHER light on the other side of the car (the side opposite the river) also hovering over trees. At this point, we were all really freaked out so the driver turned around to back up and noticed ANOTHER light over the trees behind us. She kept backing up to turn around and all the lights grew brighter. The light on the lake shot forwards towards us, followed by the rest of the "lights" (I don't know in what order). We pulled out onto the road and headed back into Gary New Duluth. We passed the road to the Oliver bridge and to my surprise and horror, three of the four lights were on the right and left and back sides of the car. They were pretty large balls of light, I'd say the size of a small car. They were about four feet above the trees and houses and about fifty feet in from the road. They were shaped like a triangle, we could just make out the outline. We started panicking when the lights suddenly sped up and moved in front of the car. We pulled onto a side street and looked behind us. We were now in downtown Duluth. To make a long story shorter, we drove as far up as skyline, and we finally stopped driving because we were running out of gas. We pulled onto the Skyline Parkway and the "lights" moved out on top of the harbor in the middle of the night sky, and started moving towards the direction of Gary New Duluth again, and then shot in the opposite direction very fast and about five seconds later, we couldn't see them anymore. It was as if the lights knew we were looking at them and chased us until we were too tired to play their game anymore. Since then, I have never seen anything like that again. I was never a believer in UFO's or anything of the sort but because of that strange...thing that happened to me and my sister and three friends, I am now. And the more bizarre thing is, there is no military aircraft testing sites around this area....AND, I have talked to five different people in the past year that live on the St. Louis river that have seen similar lights. A woman that lives in Oliver on the St. Louis river, 57 years old, said that a few times every year she sees a light hovering over the water. I have ruled out the possibility of a boat light, because the lights we saw were much larger than a boat's light, and pulsated as they moved closer to us.

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