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Date: August 12, 2002 10-11PM
Location: Lugoff
State: South Carolina

Source: UFOWisconsin Report Form Submission - Witness requested to remain anonymous

In reply to, and in addition to the following post: Date: August 7, 2002 10:00PM Location: Rural Blackhawk, Town of Troy County: Sauk Source: UFOWisconsin Report Form Submission by Autumn L.

Note: To read the report this witness is referring to, Click Here

I saw a UFO last night around 10:00-11:00 PM. I doubted myself, because I have never seen anything like this before, and certainly would never own up to it under "normal" circumstances, much less during a meteor shower!!! Besides, I figured no one would believe me anyway. But it was sooooooo creepy when I checked into USM this morning to post my little poem I had written about the meteor shower, and someone with a lot more guts than I, had posted the EXACT SAME THING that I saw last night.......almost word-for-word on par with the thoughts buzzing in my head.....

This is what I saw........a small light that started out about the size of Venus positioned (from my view facing toward your house) kind of above and to the left of your house moving overhead in my direction SLOWLY and STEADILY and DETERMINEDLY (not fast and erratic and in an arc like a meteor streak). It was just "putting" along down the road like on a Sunday drive or a pleasure cruise or something. But as it strolled upward, it GRADUALLY got smaller, until it was gone....in MID-STRIDE!!!! It was just like POOF! WHERE THE HELL DID IT GO??? This really had a major effect on me. I was ready to tell the world. But, eventually, I just chalked it up to "one of those things" and went on to bed, because of the meteor shower (which would have GREATLY reduced my credibility).

The guy who wrote about my UFO on USM lives in British Columbia, Canada, of all places (OK, so it definitely wasn't just an airplane, then.....besides, there were no blinking lights, and remember, it just "disappeared" in mid-stride) and he saw more than just the one that I saw....in fact, people all over are talking about it....evidently there were several of them moving along the same route at the same speed and heading (a convoy, perhaps?)

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