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Date: December 2003    3:36a.m.
Location: Falmouth Kentucky, United States

Source: UFOWisconsin.com Online Report by Name With Held

DETAILS: Well it was December2003 me and my brother wer playing a video game it was cold and very dry outside.  I was talking about a code for my game when I noticed a strange yellowish light in the sky.  I walked ove to the window to see that it was moving about 100mph and was two or three hundred feet up.  It would move just like a regular propelar plain but made no sound.  The very quikly it would switch its direction.  but as soon as an air plain would go anywere nere it it would blink a large bright red or blue light as if to mimic the plain.  it soon flew awa just as an airplain would.  then about 15 to 20 minuts later I saw (OUT OF NO WERE) a round dimblue disk in the night sky just appere an manuver radicly and disappere.  this hapend about once every 10 or so muinutes.  It wasnt heding in any certan direction it just appeard about 50 feet over head and head strait or turn at about 15,000mph.  It was about 70 ft in diamiter, glowd blue,was what my cousin and I have come to!

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