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Date: January 2, 2003 8:10PM
Location: Between Aurelia & Cherokee
State: Iowa

Source: UFOWisconsin Report Form Submission by Julie W.

Details: I was driving home from work and I noticed a bright object in the sky to the NE. I watched it for awhile and noticed that there were red, green and white lights on the object, and thought it was a plane. The longer I watched it I noticed that it was not moving. It was at that time that I noticed another object exactly like the other one to the SE in front of me. Neither one was moving. Then I noticed an airplane above the object on my left, and that made it very evident that what I was watching was just sitting there. The other object was not moving either. I got within a half mile from the town in Iowa, Aurelia, where I live, and tried to call my husband to tell him, the phone was busy. When I got home I told him what I had seen and that I had tried to call, and he asked me when. I said just a couple of minutes ago. He hadn't been on the phone, and my computer was really having problems--my connection is through a satellite. I know that this sounds crazy, but I had a similar experience several years ago in NW Iowa only there were many more, and my children and I witnessed a ufo only a couple of hundred feet away. So this incident aroused my curiosity. Thank you.

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