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Date: January 15, 2003 0300
Location: Delaware
State: Ohio

Source: Wisconsin UFO Sighting Report Form Submission - Witness requested to remain anonymous

Very close to 3:00am I was wakened from a sound sleep by a bright light shining through my bedroom window streaming through the partially closed venetian blinds. It was round, large, and luminous and at first I thought how bright the Moon was and that I could never remember it waking me up in this building before. I have lived here approximately one year. Finally, though it was bitterly cold, I got up and peered through the blinds to get a better look see! It resembled the moon and in my half waken state thought I saw shadows like the moon on the surface. Somewhat satisfied I went back to bed and after some fitful efforts which lasted maybe another fifteen minutes dropped off to sleep. Today, I called the local observatory less than a mile from this location. The man on duty said the moon was in the Southwest and since my windows face North I must be mistaken. We discussed the phase the moon would have been in night before last and said it was not near full yet! What I saw was perfectly round and very bright! Clearer in appearance than any other time in my life that I can remember and completely full! Very strange anomaly and kind of unsettling. This is not my first encounter with something I can't explain but it has been approximately ten years since the last thing I remember, and that was in Houston, Texas! Has anyone else reported something like this in the Ohio area for that night, or proximate in time to that date? Thanks

Additional report from same witness

Forgot to mention on the earlier entry that the object appeared to be moving very, almost imperceptibly slow toward the North and possibly East as it passed lower and across the blinds from a Northwesterly to Northerly direction. Perhaps, I woke up after another hour and saw it had moved a considerable distance on the horizon and still high enough for me to see it above a stand of trees located North of my building like a woods that borders on some properties maybe a quarter mile distant which properties front a county road.
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