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Date: July 3, 2003 8:35PM
Location: Manlius
State: New York

Source: Wisconsin UFO Sighting Report by Craig S.

On July 3rd at approximately 8:35 pm on Broadfield Road in Manlius N.Y. My cousin and I observed a wingless oval shaped object traveling from East to West for approximately 15-20 seconds overhead, before it went behind the areas trees. The angle of observation was from approximately 85 degrees to 50 degrees relative to the horizon. The relative comparative size of the object was equal to the size of an aspirin tablet held at arms length. The object appeared to metallic and was a dark copper color and appeared to reflect the setting suns rays and as a result it had gold highlighting. The object emitted no sound or contrail. The objects speed was approximately the same as commercial jet airliner at a medium high cruising altitude. The night was clear except for a few cirrus cloud wisps, which the object was visually below. After the sighting we stayed outside for some time hoping we would see the object again which we did not, however upon leaving at 10:00 pm we observed a white light traveling a very high speed from Southern to Northern direction in the western sky, which covered the whole visible sky in approximately 5 seconds and then disappeared.

Report filed with FAA Hancock airport Syracuse with the above details.

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