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Date: July 25, 2003 11:55PM
Location: Grand Haven
State: Michigan

Source: UFOWisconsin Report from Sara P.

I noticed a bright flash behind some trees in back of my house. I ran around back to the road where I could get a clear view of the sky. I saw, about 30 degrees north of the horizon a V shaped light that flashed white, red, green,blue.....in that order....I ran back in the house to get my camcorder....(yes, I got it on film, no you can't really tell what it is) then I went back out to the front of my house to try to get video of this thing. I noticed to my left (east) another flash and it was the same exact thing floating in the sky to the east. So, now I can see one in the south and one in the east flashing (what appeared to be) color signals. I waited as long as I could, but I had a bathrobe and socks on and got so cold I had to go in. I came out of the house approx. 45 minutes later (after waking up from crashing on the couch) and the sky was completely covered with clouds.:(

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