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Date: August 28, 2003 2330EST
Location: Kennebunk
State: Maine

Source: UFO Wisconsin report by John E.

First, I should mention that I understand that this is a WI site, but while searching for other possible sightings like ours, we found the August 26 sighting and were shocked to find it so similar.

While viewing Mars in Kennebunk, ME, we noticed what appeared to be three "stars" in a large triangle formation moving slowly and steadily across the night sky. The movement and consistency of the pattern led us to believe that it was one object, however, we were able to see stars between the dots of light as it moved. Regrettably, it had traveled from our sight by the time we could tell anyone else to look at it to confirm what we were seeing. Is it possible for a group of satellites to appear this way? Any confirmation of what this may have been will be appreciated.

Thank you,

John E.

UFO Wisconsin note: This came to us from Tim P. in response to this sighting:

There are many candidates. I once saw USA-160 A and C in orbit traverse the sky. They were about +3 and pretty easy to see even in a suburban sky. There are also the NOSS triplet satellites that could produce such a configuration. Try:


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