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Date: November 8, 2003 8:15PM
Location: Detroit
State: Michigan

Source: UFO Wisconsin Report by Randy H.

Clear & cold weather conditions. Me and my wife were in and out of our house looking at the eclipse with our 10X42 binoculars from 8PM to 8:30. At approx 8:15 I was on our front porch alone. I focused on the moon, then after that a jet. Less than a minute later I saw a formation of four maybe five but not more than five grayish kind of small jet-shaped crafts moving together fast and quiet heading east. So I quickly focused on four about a second and they were gone! I would only guess they were going approx. 700-900MPH. When I first saw them I thought they were a bird or duck formation. But after focusing on them as briefly as I did I realized they [were] too fast and I never seen anything like those! To me they had to have been...UFO'S. I'm one who would never make anything like this up. Thank you! I know you are a Wisconsin outfit but Michigan isn't too far!! P.S. No lights on this craft.

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