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Date: November 16, 2003
Location: Leyland, Lancashire, U. K.

Source: www.ufocasebook.com

UFOWisconsin note: This sighting, photo, and video were shared with us by BJ Booth of UFOCasebook. For additional information on this sighting and any updates on their investigation, please visit: www.ufocasebook.com

The following sighting report with video was sent exclusively to the UFO Casebook, USA. The information was shared with the UFO Casebook Field Investigator who resides in the United Kingdom.

The video files that are shown here were taken in Leyland, Lancashire, U. K. The film was made between 16:15 and 17:05 hours on 16 Nov 2003. The videographer Martin H. has sent very impressive film before to the UFO Casebook. Our field investigator has found him to be an honest and sincere man who is not in any way or form attempting to perpetuate a hoax or initiate a joke.

He has never asked for any monies for his film, but has sent digital video files through the Internet, and also hand given physical video tape for free use for study. The video film in its entirety is 8 minutes, 13 seconds long; is in the Windows Media format (.wmv) and is 25.15 megabytes.

A sample clip of film and a still frame grab is enclosed for your study. The sampler film is 11 seconds in length, and only 590 KB. Additional film lengths are available from the UFO Casebook at no charge upon request.

Below is Martin's description of how the taking of the video film in question transpired.


I decided to have a look at the early evening sky, camcorder at ready just in case. At about 16:15, I first spotted the unknown object quite a way off in the distance (through binoculars and spotting scope). It took me around 20 minutes before I could zoom in with the camcorder to start filming.

The sky was quite clear with just a few wispy clouds here and there. The distance is quite difficult to judge but I would say that the object is possibly around 10 to 15 miles away. I was on my own this time with no other witnesses and with the distance involved, I couldn't hear any sound emanating from the object.

All in all, I managed to film around 20 or so minutes before the object disappeared behind a cloud in the distance. The object went behind the cloud at around 17:05.

Martin H.

Click here to see the UFO video

Photo taken from video


B J Booth
Martin H.
UFO Casebook

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