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Date: March 27, 2003    12:00 a.m.
Location: Shelby Montana

Source: UFOWisconsin.com Report Form By: Name With Held

I was driving home at about midnight from shelby to my grandpas farm, when a quiet humming noise started. I stopped the car to make sure it wasn't my car humming. i looked  around outside and saw nothing. i got back in and started going home, when my CB radio started making all sorts of wierd static (not normal at all). at this point i was a little freaked out. i turned off the cb and kept going. Now about a minuete and a half later these really bright lights surrounded my car. It was almost tike a big spotlight. The humming was still there, but stayed about the same volume.I was so freaked out i just kept driving. the Light followed me for about 5 minuets untill i was about a mile from my farm. it just simply disappeared, along with the noise. i never tuned the CB back on that night. I drove home, i was to afraid through the whole thing to lokk up at the lights source. I never had an experience since.

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