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Date: Unknown    5p.m.
Location: 22,000 feet above and near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Source: UFOWisconsin.com Report by Colin J.

DETAILS: I was travelling by  plane to texas, we had just left pittsburg.  It was around 5.pm and and the pilot said we are travelling at 22 thousand feet.  I saw several black contrials forming . they appear suddenly in the sky in a particular area.  The sky was orange in color at the time.  ten the contrails will become a straight line.  they were all black and ther were short.  I saw a disc shape object in the area, it was black too, and it was in one position all the time while all this was going on.Iswa all of this for about fifteen minutes.  Some of the contrails were pointed straight upwards and some were horizontal.  At one time on tow them approach the plane, it had ra red light in front of it.  I was very scared as it approach the plane.  People on my side had to see all this happening if they were looking out the window, but I am sure the pilot saw it all.  The only strange thing I  noticed is that the plan was taking very long to cross that part of the sky, because I saw ! all this for fifteen minutes at least, maybe more.  It was a very amazing sight.I never saw black contrails suddenly forming and start to move and change shape like that.  It's a bit difficult for me to explain it all

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