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Date: May 27, 2004
Location: Cartagena, Columbia

Source: UFOWisconsin.com report by Raul L.

Details: Yesterday May 27th/2004, around 11:40 hrs i was driving back home for lunch, and noticed a crowd staring at the sky, it was a rainy day so it was like a dark morning A small bright ligth,(in despite of wheather conditions???) seemed to be stopped in the middle of sky, was highly shining; the light was so strong and concentraded over the object that seems to reflect the sun beams just like a mirror buthe that day we had no sun, as far as i could detail it was a rounded thing, about 15 Min after moment that we all saw it,suddenly began to spin round, and creaded a black "smoke like" oval and the the reflecting object just disapeared; but the black oval remained for about 40 Minutes more and then faded slowly. there was some people from local press so the took many pictures.
this kind of sightnings are getting more and more frequent but usually there`s no interest on giving a logical or ilogical explanation to the phenomena.